Parents are a child's first Sunday School teacher! Every parent needs a community to offer guidance, but they often get lost in the demands of youth programming. Parenting education programs can help develop these much needed communities. Here are 8  reasons why your church needs parenting education opportunities:

  1. To support families
    The world has changed since the last generation of parents. Just "doing what my parents did" isn't necessarily going to work. Today's children are more exposed to outside influences and even more connected than before, and doing more things on their phones than earlier generations. In fact, a recent study by Pew Research Center indicated that 7% of America’s youth consume web-based content from their mobile devices. Today's parents are dealing with a different world! A parenting education course provides them with the safe environment of their church home to explore new approaches and to share joys and challenges with others going through the same stages.
  2. To help with their most important job
    Parenting is a Godly vocation. A good class will lead moms and dads to grace-filled parenting skills while guiding them in living out their Christian faith with their children at home.
  3. To develop lifelong relationships
    Here's a great way for church members to form supportive, religion-based relationships with other parents in their church home—relationships that will last a lifetime.
  4. To strengthen parent-child bonds (and marriages, too)
    A Christian parenting class will help strengthen the parent-child bond in preparation for the tumultuous teen years. It also teaches communication and conflict skills to strengthen the bond between parents. And—most of all—parents develop a deepened relationship with God.
  5. To reach out and inspire others
    If you open your class to the community, it could attract young families who might not otherwise attend church on their own.
  6. To turn parents into teachers
    A faith-based parenting class alerts parents to their responsibility for Christian education at home—and shows them how to do it effectively.
  7. To form a powerful and trusted faith team
    When parents, grandparents, and family ministry leaders take the class together, they will find themselves discussing important issues using the same language. Not everyone will agree on every point—but they will have a common ground for faith-based discussion.
  8. To revel in the sheer JOY of children!

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