5 Reasons Not to Take a Parenting Course

If you’ve spoken with someone who has taken a parenting class, you’ve probably heard them say how much they learned and what a difference it’s made in their family’s lives. People tend to be very positive when it comes to parenting courses but it’s not all buckets of gold on the other side of that rainbow. With the good comes the bad, so I’m here to tell you five reasons why you shouldn’t take a parenting course.

  1. You won’t get to hear your voice as much. Like every parent, you have a smooth, sultry voice that is a joy to listen to. Without a parenting class, you get to repeat yourself and argue with your children for hours giving you plenty of time to listen to your own angelic voice. Taking a parenting class would cut down on these valuable moments where you come very close to blowing out your voice-box.

  2. Well behaved children are boring. When you learn effective parenting techniques you get stories like “I gave my daughter a choice between what bedtime story she wanted. She chose one and went to sleep after we finished reading it.”  This is boring! If you were to post this on Facebook you would receive minimal likes. If it was a youtube video it would have have a 0% chance of going viral. There is nothing funny or entertaining about a well behaved child.

  3. You won’t get as much attention in grocery stores. You put time into getting ready, you went all the way to the grocery store to do your daily shopping, why aren’t more people looking at you? If you don’t have a screaming child at your side these thoughts might float through your head. Taking a parenting class will lead to more behaved children and less sideways glances in public. Get the attention you deserve. Don’t take a parenting class.

  4. Society hasn’t changed in the past 50, why should parenting? When we look back on history we all think the same thing, “Everything has stayed the same.” Whether it’s the way we get information, travel, or how we interact with society, nothing changes. We are a rock in the river of time so why should our parenting go with the flow? New parenting techniques like ‘I statements’ and ‘logical consequences’ are backed by “research” and “psychological principles.” Ignore these things!

  5. You’re kids already came with instructions. When you boil it down, parenting classes are redundant because your children already came with instructions. When they throw a tantrum or misbehave you can simply go to the manual and input the correct sequence to solve all of your problems. If you’ve lost your child’s instructions, simply contact the manufacturer and ask for another copy.

As you can see, parenting courses bring trouble but if for whatever reason you still want to take one, you can follow this link to find the parenting course that’s best for you.