How To Be A Friend To Your Child And Still Be A Parent

Building a good relationship with your child is not as daunting of a task as it may seem. There seems to be a myth that you cannot be a good parent and friend to your child, but I believe to be a good parent you must also develop many of the same attributes as a good friendship. What is a good friendship based on?

Mutual Respect

Having Fun Together

Sharing Support


Spending Time Together

Solving Problems Together

Generally Liking Each Other

Doesn't that sound like the kind of relationship you would like to have with your child? Of course, a parent also has the responsibility for a child's health and safety, which requires rule setting and the discipline to enforce those rules, so there are differences between a parent-child friendship and a peer-peer friendship.

However, the bonds that you build with your child are what make it possible to be a strong influence in your child's decision-making process. They won't be making the right choices only because they know it is what you want, but because it is what they want and feel is right. This is how you set your child up for long-term success and help them use their spirit to become champions of their own lives.


  • Play together at least ten minutes every day: board games, sports, computer or video games, roughhousing, creative play, acting, watching TV, movies, or plays together, reading together, laughing together, water play, and more.
  • Treat your child with respect, just as you expect him to treat you with respect.
  • Know your child's interest and show interest in them.
  • Teach your child skills and let her teach you.
  • Avoid discouraging acts such as personality attacks, focusing on mistakes, showing a lack of confidence, expecting too much, and valuing your child only for her behavior.
  • Learn to encourage by building on strengths, showing confidence, setting realistic goals, and valuing the child for herself.
  • Say no when necessary, but avoid hard no's when possible and help the child find acceptable alternatives.
  • Find something in your child that delights you!

No matter what you do, spending time with your kids shows them that you care and want to be around them. For more parenting advice, check out our other posts and to learn parenting tactics that will help you raise confident, happy kids check out our online courses.