Freedom Within Limits: The Symbol of the Active Parent

Watch below to find out how the active style of parenting mirrors and prepares children for our democratic society.

Our goal as parents, is to instill in our children the skills and character that will enable them to survive and thrive at home, in school, and eventually as independent adults in our fast-changing, diverse, democratic society. This is our responsibility, and we have the authority to get the job done. After all, even in a society of equals, authorities still exist. The president of a corporation, the police officer on the street, and the principal of a school are examples of people who have the authority to make final decisions—and the responsibility to enforce those decisions. They are the leaders.

However, there’s not much use being a leader if no one is willing to follow you. Here is an important principle of leadership: Leaders get their ultimate authority from those they lead.

Being active parents and offering our children freedom within limits allows us to effectively lead them to make good decisions without pushing them into rebellion.

Active Parenting courses teach parents the skills needed to be effective parents and prepare their children to survive and thrive in our democratic society.  

In a course you will learn the these techniques and parenting strategies:

Building Courage & Self-Esteem
- The Think-Feel-Do Cycle
- The power of encouragement

Understanding and Redirecting Misbehavior
- Why children misbehave
- Eliminating power struggles
- Handling anger
- Problem-solving with FLAC

Active Parenting for School Success
- 7 Smart Things for School Success
- Structuring homework time
- Tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs
- Family talks

The Active Parent
- Styles of parenting
- Brain development in children
- The method of choice

Cooperation & Communication
- Who owns the problem?
- Active communication
- Feelings, empathy & problem-solving

Responsibility & Discipline
- Effective, nonviolent discipline
- "I" messages
- Logical consequences


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